Motto’s Brand & Leadership Workshops

— Workshops designed to clarify strategy and align your team using brand as our guide.

Why Workshop?

You could take your brand in a million directions. Which is the right path?

Motto’s strategic brand workshops bring together your company’s key thinkers to collaborate on and position your brand for success. The result is a deeper understanding of who you are, what your brand stands for, and solid positioning that better reflects your vision, values, purpose, and personality. We’ll pull you from indecision and answer your most pressing brand challenges quickly. You’ll leave with clarity and value-packed insights and recommendations to take action on right away. Our workshops help you:

  • Unite your leadership team
  • Achieve alignment
  • Voice opinions and ideas
  • Find the “big idea” worth rallying around
  • Define your differentiation
  • Identify your tribe(s)
  • …And much more

Purpose, Vision, Values Workshop

Designed to Lay the Foundation.

Your brand exists for a fundamental reason, and it’s guided by unique values and beliefs that make a difference in people’s lives. This workshop will define and align around all three of these crucial brand statements.

Your purpose statement does not describe what you do; it describes why you do it. It has nothing to do with being “the best” or “fastest” or “most trusted” or “most profitable.” Your purpose, vision, and values go deeper than what you’re selling. And it won’t change each time the market shifts or the wind blows.

In this workshop, we’ll craft key statements that inspire people within the company and inspire people outside the company to care and answer these questions:

  • What is our “why”?
  • What vision do we hope to achieve?
  • How will we reach that vision?
  • What values will we uphold?
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Idea Worth Rallying Around® Workshop

Designed to answer “The Big Idea.”

Every organization should have a big idea worth rallying around. It aligns your leaders, inspires your team, and identifies the flag you’re carrying and what hill your team is marching towards.

How do you find the big idea? We workshop together to find a “war-cry.” This rally cry is where your strength as a company, your competitions’ blind spots, and your market’s most pressing problem intersect. That point becomes your big idea. In this workshop, we will answer:

  • What is our big idea?
  • How can we claim it?
  • Is it short and catchy?
  • Can it act as a north star?
  • Can your team embody it?
  • Can our audience rally around it?
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Brand Archetype Workshop

Designed to answer “What character are we?”

When you find yourself loyal to your favorite brands and inspired by new ones, you’re subconsciously forging a connection with that brand’s archetype. A brand archetype is a personification of a brand on a human level. It borrows 12 well-established character types throughout history, film, and literature to define a brand’s underlying personality and character.

This workshop builds on the principles of universal storytelling to help us think of the brand as a relatable human character in the customer’s story and to define what our role is in their lives.

  • Is your brand the rule-breaking Rebel?
  • The transformational Magician?
  • The wise Sage who provides deep knowledge?
  • The goofy Jester here to entertain?
  • What is our brand’s character?
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Audience Workshop

Designed to answer “Who do we exist to serve?”

When a brand talks to everyone, it speaks to no one. You want to cultivate as many new customers as possible. With that in mind, it’s easy to want to share your message with as many different people as possible.

Defining the specific WHO allows you to focus your message on the right people who are most likely to obsess over you. And it will help us to create a tone of voice and visual language that speaks to your target audience without being exclusive or elitist. In this workshop, we’ll explore all the avenues, weigh pros and cons, and ultimately determine and align around who we should focus on reaching with the brand.

  • What are the different audience segments?
  • Who is the ideal audience to orient the brand to?
  • Why do they need us?
  • Who is the audience we serve especially well?
  • Who does our brand need to attract?
  • What do they care about?
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Custom Workshop

Designed to offer a more custom solution.

Often there’s no one-size-fits-all playbook. What if you don’t see a specific workshop that’s perfect for your team? Motto also offers customized workshops or project scoping sessions tailored to a specific goal or unique problem.

We can offer a workshop or project scoping session where we work together to mutually understand a problem and outline a plan of action to solve it. This type of engagement will allow you to see who we are, how we work, and why we’re different from other agencies.

Fill out our contact form and we’ll hop on a call to learn more about your particular goals and objectives. Then we can determine if a custom workshop or scoping session is right for you.

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How It Works

Choose one workshop or bundle them all.

Step 1

Reach out using our contact form. We’ll arrange a 30-minute call to speak briefly to make sure one of our workshops is a good fit for you. If not, we’ll tell you why and what we would recommend instead. But assuming it is…

Step 2

We’ll send you an agreement, an invoice, payment information, which materials to gather, and a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire asks you to discuss your goals, company structure, business model, audience, products, pricing, competitors, points of differentiation, promises to the market, revenue streams, messaging.

Step 3

We then schedule a 1-hour pre-workshop discovery call with your key decision-makers which gives you an opportunity to share further insights about the brand and business challenges we’re aiming to solve. We’ll schedule the workshop date and time, and send you the agenda for the session.

Step 4 →

On the day of the workshop, the group will meet on Zoom and we’ll get right to work. We facilitate pre-planned exercises specifically tailored to your business objectives. We build in fun interactive exercises, 5-minute brain breaks, and more during your session.

Step 5 →

After the workshop, we email you an Insights & Playback Report with a list of strategic recommendations for you to take action on, along with a visual artifact of what was captured. The result is clarity, alignment, and tactile moves to guide your team forward confidently.

Finer Points

✳︎ Location

  • Virtually (for now)
  • Hosted on Zoom

✳︎ Pre-Planning

  • Pre-Workshop Consultation
  • Identify Key Participants
  • Materials Review
  • Workshop Plan & Agenda

✳︎ Duration

  • One week of pre-workshop work
  • 3-4 hours for each workshop chosen
  • If bundling, workshops are conducted weekly

✳︎ Deliverables

  • Facilitation
  • Insights & Playback Report
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Visual Workshop Artifacts

✳︎ Participants

  • Founders
  • C-level Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Key Employees

✳︎ Best Suited For

  • Teams who have a problem to solve
  • Teams who need alignment
  • Teams eager and ready

A few of the companies we’ve led through our workshops

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